Salter Cane

Remembering the Gilded Palace of Sin

A bittersweet event took place upstairs in The Price Albert in Brighton recently. A concert by Danny Schmidt marked the last ever gig organised by The Gilded Palace of Sin.

The Gilded Palace have been putting on gigs in Brighton for years and they’ve always been very kind and generous to Salter Cane. For the gig in The Albert, a limited run of special commemorative posters where made, listing all the bands who ever played under the banner of the Palace. Salter Cane were in there along with many visiting bands that we have played support to.

I remember the first Gilded Palace of Sin concert I went to, not long after moving to Brighton. The mighty Flophouse Jr. were playing upstairs in The Lift (now The Hope). The support band that night was a local band called Caramel Jack.

Since then, Salter Cane and Caramel Jack have formed a kind of mutual appreciation society and we relish any chance we get to play together. That’s why we think our next concert will be quite special.

On Thursday, December 17th, Salter Cane and Caramel Jack will be playing at The Prince Albert. It will be a festive affair …well, as festive as a bunch of miserablists like us are likely to ever get.

We’re looking forward to it and we hope to see you there. Together, we can raise a glass to the memory of The Gilded Palace of Sin. And then we will rock.